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Automatic vessel

Apsis - plavajoči laboratorij
Side scan

APSIS is an automatic boat qualified for autonomous operations in shallow waters. It is actually a floating platform with complex measuring equipment of great precision, which moves on water surface powered by electric drive, is easily portable and is in condition to carry out autonomously a number of measuring operations.

The boat moves autonomously according to pre-defined routes or by remote control from shore. The GPS navigation system integrated into the vessel allows us to monitor the boat and to locate its geographical position with great precision.

In addition, a high-resolution sonar is installed into the boat, able to measure the depth of 20 cm up to 50 m with an accuracy of 1 cm. The boat is equipped with a quiet electric propulsion motor, which allows us to use of the device in protected areas such as natural reserves and nature parks.

A boat can function as logistical support for easier and safer performance of underwater activities. With the aid of its camera and thanks to precisely identifiable geographical position, the underwater activities are easier and safer, while the control of underwater equipment turns out to be simpler.

Apsis functions at the same time as a mobile laboratory that allows on the site the determination of various chemical and biological properties of water.

This system is upgraded by different physical and meteorological sensors and a tape system for water sampling from 0 to 20 m in depth for subsequent laboratory analysis, if necessary. Apsis can save "aboard" up to 20 water samples, which means for us faster and more accurate surveillance over the quality of seawater or freshwater.

The total weight of the boat is about 50 kg, it is 2 m long with a level of immersion of 15cm. It can work 5 hours in environment where surveys are carried out.


  • Logistical support for underwater activities (intelligent camera, ROV, precise geographical positioning of underwater equipment and of a diver).

  • Single beam and side scan sonar.

  • On-line mobile laboratory offers the possibility to determine different water parameters (such as chemical, biological, radioactivity,...). Moreover, it is provided with different physical and meteorological sensors.

  • Providing samples for laboratory analyses (sampling at the depth of 1-20 m; it's container holds up to 20 samples; it performs on-line surveys of the quality of water).

  • Simple handling and easy transport.

  • Possibility of adding additional sensors.

  • Possibility of adapting a boat and surveying systems to meet the customer's requirements.


  • hydrographic surveys,

  • 3D data modeling,

  • various water analysis,

  • sampling.



youtube_iconYouTube - Avtomatsko plovilo Apsis

Article (in Slovene):

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