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Sea, ports and marinas

Rivers and lakes

Precise mapping of coastal waters


Underwater construction work

Underwater video recording

Sea current measurement

Water quality monitoring

For more than ten years we have performed surveys of water depths of the sea, rivers and lakes. As the operator of hydrographic surveys with international certificate (IHO hydrographer) we are equipped with the latest technology. We regularly survey and supervise navigation paths and moorings in Port of Koper in order to guarantee the security of navigation. We cooperate with construction and project enterprises in projecting and implementing underwater works. We have surveyed the whole of our coastal waters for the needs of elaboration of nautical charts for the Ministry of Transport. We perform surveys on rivers and lakes for water and electric economy and for the needs of projecting a road network and of environmental protection. In cooperation with a group of archaeologists from the Institute of Mediterranean Heritage at the University of Primorska we participate in the production of archaeological documentation.


  • Bathymetry (depths surveys)  

It's a primary or core activity of the hydrographic services which is performed on all kinds of water surfaces (sea, lakes, rivers). We make use of professional bathymetric sonars: single beam echo-sounder and especially multi beam echo-sounder.  The result of survey is a high resolution image of the bottom topography, which serves for generating different data types (DTM, isobaths, depth map, locating objects on the bottom, volumes, cross-section lines, changes of conditions…).

  • Sub-bottom survey

With sub-bottom profiler we determine the thickness and the structure of sub-bottom layers. For this purpose we use a parametric sonar which, depending on the type of sediments, allows a penetration up to 40 meters deep into the sediment. The main result of this kind of survey is a graphical illustration of the intersection of sub-bottom sediments (sonogram). From this the line of the bottom, additional lines between sediments and thickness of the layers can be generated.

  • Side-scan sonar survey  

With side-scan sonars we efficiently examine and record the acoustic imagery of the seabed. With a wide survey coverage (which ranges between 100 m and 200 m) we can relatively quickly get the overview of larger areas. The method is useful above all for bottom examination, especially when we search for lost items in wide unknown areas. Results of this survey are represented by graphical images of intensity of the acoustic reflections, which renders visible objects or anomalies protruding from the bottom (wreckage, morphology of the bottom, constructions…). With additional processing it's possible to locate detected objects and to create a mosaic of acoustic images of recorded area.

  • Magnetometry

With this geophysical method we measure and record the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field. For this purpose marine magnetometers are used which, during the navigation across a certain area, record the values of magnetic field on line of navigation. In this way the anomalies of the magnetic field caused by ferromagnetic objects on the bottom or under it, can be efficiently detected. The usefulness of this method is especially in locating metal objects lying in greater depths or covered with sediments. A result of is a geo-referenced curve representing the intensity of magnetic field which shows the values deviating from the average. It is possible to map anomalies or integrate all recorded lines into a uniform raster of values which makes evident all the anomalies from the average value.


We cooperate successfully with various institutions and enterprises such as: Slovenian Maritime Administration, Maritime Directorate, Ministry of Defence, Department of Geodesy at the Faculty of civil and geodetic engineering, Port of Koper, hydropower plants company on the Sava river (Savske elektrarne Ljubljana), Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Ageotec s.r.l. (Italy), Geosustavi d.o.o. (Croatia), Reson B.V. (Netherlands).
We are engaged in international projects, performing hydrographic surveys in cooperation with different partners all around Europe. We set up MBES systems and introduce new users to its application.